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The Loom Connection targets your goals in a functional way using The Life Participation Approach. 

Individual Therapy

The Loom Connection focuses on the whole person and strives to guide the individual to increasing one's "health span" and longevity  

~ Sessions up to 90 minutes

~ Virtual and in-person sessions available



The Loom Connection offers integrative community treatment to generalize your skills outside the therapy room walls.

~ Coffee shop?  Grocery store? The mall?  Let's work on your goals in functional environments!


Group Therapy

The Loom Connection believes group therapy cultivates not only better therapeutic outcomes but more emotional support in life's journey to better health.  

~ 60 Minute Sessions

~ Small groups (up to 5 people)


Coaching Sessions

Are you a family member or a caregiver? Several years out from your initial diagnosis and need questions answered? If so, an individual or group coaching session may be for you!


Getting Sarted
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